Natalie Minik

Truly, 2013
HD Video

Janet As Her Mother, 2013
HD Video
Full Frame Theater at ATC



These two short films, “Truly” and “Hello, My Dear”, look at women’s relationships to motherhood, memory and dream in the late 1960s and how their daughters artistically negotiate these experiences in present day. By combining audio interviews with family footage, I explore transformative moments of my family’s history. My mother and cousin being my main subjects, I have worked hard to find the best way to showcase their voices. I have found the more specific you get, the more universal the message can be. By revisiting recorded moments of the past, I try to recreate a poetic world that explains the impact of these moments. I have taken great effort sorting through both raw interview audio and family home movies in order to find moments which are revealing or powerful in their own right; then, by editing them together to make a complementary piece, I try to find deeper meaning beyond my source materials alone. Independently, the material often has something to say, but I see the editing phase as a visual puzzle that can create something new and more nuanced in the storytelling process. This process has helped me understand my personal family history and its impact on my own life, but also a better understanding of the complicated and often competing roles of family and desire.