Joel Wanek

Heart of Durham, 2012
HD video, 13 mins

Sun Song, 2012-13
HD video, 30 mins
The Carrack Modern Art



Documentary work, for me, is not defined by a certain style or technique but by achieving a deeper engagement with my subjects. Over the years I have been developing a creative documentary practice that often blurs the line between subject and maker, mixes techniques of narrative and vérité modes and utilizes public spaces for collaborative engagement. I use the camera as a tool for interaction and exchange, an instrument for initiating a dialogue between myself and my subjects.

My thesis work heightens and celebrates the random, chance encounters with strangers that happen in public spaces of the city. My two short films Heart of Durham and Sun Song are products of many months spent at the Durham Bus Station and riding the #16 bus route in Durham.

Recent shows include: 2013 Images Festival, 2012 Berlin International Directors Lounge, 10th Annual ICDOCS International Film Festival, Daylight Project Space, 2012 WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art and 15th Annual Antimatter Film Festival.

Curriculum Vitae