Elizabeth Landesberg

Light Shines Forever, 2013
Multimedia performance
Casbah Durham



I came to video through an interest in the collaborative possibilities of ethnographic storytelling. In my work, I try to make different forms of labor more visible, and find humor in the mundane experiences of our lives. I am particularly fascinated by the labor involved in creating and maintaining sacred spaces. I have found the camera and other tools often allow me to approach and acknowledge more closely some of the absurd things, like death, that keep me up at night. I have been working to weave together diverse stories and spaces of mourning and memorial, including my own. I hope to use media as a way of deconstructing and estranging the familiar; of looking more closely at the people and systems that help maintain the constructed framework of our society; and of putting different communities in conversation. My work has allowed me to learn from and with people I may never have otherwise encountered. It has afforded me experiences of enchantment and connection in this increasingly bewildering world.